"Among the several production numbers, it's the shake, bump and grind tricks of Tessie (Natalie Buster), Mazeppa (Lori James), and Electra (Samantha Wynn), however that win the prize for sauciness and humor."
Gypsy - Times Herald Record - June 26, 2008

"The saving graces of the production are its strong cast and direction. Brad Thomason and Samantha Wynn really work the crowd as the ventriloquist and dummy respectively."
The View from K Street - nytheatre.com - April 12, 2007

"John and Al a ventriloquist act (played by Brad Thomason and Samantha Wynn) serve as the interlocutors for the evening, in between old-school Jerry Lewis humor, they pull open the curtain into exaggerated "insider" scenes at a bipartisan retreat."
The View from K Street - Sunday, April 15, 2007

"As Truvy's new hire, Samantha Wynn imbues her character of Annelle with a combination of vulnerability after her husband has deserted her, and the idealism of religion as she envisions the joy of bible study in the Ozarks."
Steel Magnolias - Times Herald Record - August 23, 2007

"Color and activity are the marching orders for this show... For the pee-wees 'Go Dog! Go! ' is a joyous can't-misser."
Go Dog! Go! - The Daily Record - May 13, 2005

"The marvelous ensemble work crafted by Arisco and co-director Barbara Flaten enlivens the production numbers, particularly in an impressively rendered staging of Fiddler's brilliantly conceived coup de theatre, "The Dream," wherein wily Tevye elicits Golde's support for Teizte's marriage to Motel by summoning forth the ghost of Lazar Wolf's first wife Fruma-Sarah (a terrific Samatha Wynn)..."
Fiddler on the Roof - Miami Sun Post - April 4, 2004